I've been thinking about selling prints of my work for more than 2 years now but it's finally happening! I'm almost done with completing the work here on the website and you'll be able to buy a version of my paintings. I couldn't be more excited to make this next step in pursuing this love as a career. Until the final touches are finished on the website, thought I'd let you all know what I'll be offering. 

I'm planning on starting out small with two prints for sale

"Out of Suffering" 


"It's Written" 

Both will be available as 18" x 24" matte prints. Once I figure out this whole e-commerce thing I hope to offer other sizes and other prints. Please let me know if there's a different piece you'd like me to consider offering and I'll work some magic.

Thank you to all who have helped me get to this point, I appreciate all the support. Also, kudos to my badass mom for being the first to buy these even though she has plenty of the real deal in her house already.