Well I guess it’s official. I can actually say it. I’m moving to Prague this summer to study at The Language House (TLH) and get my certification to teach English as a Foreign Language. Let's let that sink in.

Almost a year ago, this idea of teaching TEFL was new to me. Anna and I were sitting in the parking lot of Sonic enjoying half price shakes (obviously) when we started talking about what the hell we were going to do with our lives. If you didn’t say that with a whole lot of anxiety and cluelessness, please go back and read it again. At the time, Anna still had a year of school left while I was fresh out of school and job hunting. Anna  told me about one of her sorority sisters who had gone to Prague to teach for a year. She said if we weren’t doing anything the next summer, we should do it together.

And here we are.

A year later - picking flights, checking itineraries, and learning Czech at an impressively non-existent pace.

T-minus 59 days until we head off to Europe for a few weeks of travel before settling into a flat in Prague to begin our four-week course. The anticipation is killing me. I have no idea what it’s going to be like. I could fall completely flat on my face.  I could hate Prague. All those really amazing buildings and that Charles Bridge everyone talks about. And the art. Yep. Could totally hate it all. 

Wanna know the crazy part? That's what makes me want to do it. 

I firmly believe that adversity is the single biggest component of personal growth. Adversity that the universe throws at me and adversity that I throw myself into. Clearly, here we're talking about the latter. The anticipation of what I'll learn and experience and how I'll grow is equal to the anxiousness of potential failure and the unknown. I'm not naive enough to think everything will be roses as soon as I board that plane but I have a feeling it'll be worth it. And hey, they have really great beer so a bad day can't be that bad, right? 

So, from here on out, I plan to use this blog to document my travels and share my story. Hopefully with some helpful tidbits about backpacking, TEFL, expat life, and the like. And cross your fingers that I can sneak some paints in my pack so the art talk can continue. 

See you soon Praha.