Alright, let's talk packing. 

I did some intense research via blogs and websites when learning about what I'd need to pack for this trip. But the problem was, there were articles about packing for a month of backpacking and blogs about living for a year abroad but not about both. 

I need both since we're starting the journey with a 3 week backpacking trip before settling in for a number of months.

I decided to go with a backpack for my carry on with all that I need for the 3 weeks of backpacking and a small suitcase to check with more items for once we arrive in Prague. 

I found compression bags at REI and I must say I nerded out when I realized this meant I could bring ATLEAST 5 more clothing items. These things are glorious. 


After months of research and contemplating, the lovely people at REI helped me decide on a pack. I had been loaned one to use but after receiving a response of laughter when I told them I wanted it to be my carry on, they helped me look at other options. Basically, I wanted the biggest possible bag that could still be a carry-on. Finally, we settled on the Osprey Ozone 46. Pretty stoked that it has a laptop sleeve and the comfortability of a hip belt for long days and hopefully a few hikes. 

Side note: girls - start hanging out at REI. Pick up a hobby and go in with a lot of questions. That place is a breeding ground for burly, attractive men. Also, they are extremely knowledgeable and helpful, which is equally as important.