It's been almost two weeks since #Budafest2k16 and the post-trip high hasn't worn off. Saying I liked Budapest is the understatement of the century. I'm 100% sure it is destined to be my future home. It might literally be calling my name (except it's Daniella here).

Anna saw an article the other day that said Budapest was the most underrated European city and we couldn't agree more. Not only is it beautiful in all its Danube River glory, but there's a culture that is trendy and up-and-coming that made it for me. You know a trip was worthwhile when you start planning your next visit before the first is even done. So here's a quick bit about our first (of many) trips to Budapest.

Buda Castle from the Danube

Buda Castle from the Danube

Day 1

Walking tour of the big sights including The Chain Bridge, Buda Castle, St. Matthias' Church, and The Fisherman's Bastion. Hungarian dinner at Bordo Bisztro followed by a very long and eventful evening at Szimpla Ruin Bar.

Day 2

Lunch at The Grand Market before bathing for hours at the famous thermal bath house - Széchenyi. We were lucky enough to enjoy a sunny day and the cold air was perfect for enjoying the hot outdoor pools and the many indoor ones. Next, on to dinner at the Karavan Street Food Court, then on a reccomendation of a friend of a friend we pretended to be in Havana for a bit with some authentic music and salsa dancing. Then much like the first night another ruin bar. This time Kuplung.