We made it. And since arriving in Dublin I've learned a few things. 

Lesson number 1 - always, always take the right bus. 


Lesson number 2 - street signs are hard to find and sometimes, even non-existent

We started off the trip with a delay so I should have known it wouldn't be smooth sailing. We made our connecting flight in Washington and then arrived in Dublin an hour ahead of schedule (who knew that even happened). So instead of navigating the bus system at 430AM we waited until 6AM in the airport napping and reading. 

And here's where things got a little interesting. We went to find the proper bus that stops right next to our hostel, except that it wasn't running. A nice woman told us to take a different bus as long as the driver said it was also going to the City Centre. After walking back and forth for 10 minutes looking for a crosswalk, we boarded a city bus and headed into Dublin. A father and daughter on board told us what stop to use before they got off on their own stop. Except, the bus didn't stop where they said it would, and went right past the street we needed. So we got off on the next stop hoping we were close enough. Basically what ensued was a lot of rain, some seriously wet clothes, a ton of walking, and two lost Americans. We stopped for cover under the Bank of Ireland when an old local man walked past and said, "you two look lost". He then walked with us to the corner where our hostel was and informed us that the street signs here in Dublin are actually on the corners of the buildings and as luck would have it, don't always exist. Thankfully with his help we then walked just around the block and found our hostel aboard the hot mess express. 

And the rest of the day has been much less exciting.

Guess I should get ready for more crazy traveling moments like this. 




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