I'm not sure whether to call it a process or simply progress, but either way monitoring the day to day or hour to hour stages of artwork has become important to me. Maybe because it helps me in the moments of "this is total crap" - a visual reminder that I can't deny - that many times before I've gone from blank canvas to a finished aesthetically pleasing product with countless stages in between including but not limited to: 

"That color is gross' 

"She looks cross-eyed" 

"Why does it seem like a 5-year old did this?" 

"Crap. I messed up."

"Oh that's better" 

"I like those colors together" 

"Nope. Never mind." 

"Yes, I am a good painter" 

"Maybe not, the ear is 3 sizes too big" 

and so on. 

 So here it is. The process or progress from hour 1 to hour 5 of my newest piece. This piece is a little different than my normal purely based on media. I've been wanting to mess around with spray paint for awhile now for a few reasons - to cover more space in less time and if I'm honest because I think street artists and anyone who works with spray paint are way too cool for school and I can only hope to be as hip and unconventional as them one day. 

Until then, I've got some work to do.