Per a cheap flight to Belgium, we decided to hop on over to another 'B' place, a few actually, - Brussels and Bruges. Brussels was one of the first cities that I wasn't completely smitten with upon arrival. Don't get me wrong - I'm happy to say I visited, but there was an interesting vibe around the city with so much police and military presence and it definitely didn't top the list of cleanest cities we've visited so far. But that said, I thoroughly enjoyed some of the people we met who made it a great trip. As always we did a free walking tour and this time we had - hands down - THE BEST - tour guide. Adrien was the funniest, most charismatic, and most entertaining tour guide there may ever be in this world, so if you get a chance to take a Sandeman's New Brussels Tour - do it.

We did fall in love immediately with Bruges - almost as soon as we stepped off the train and wandered into the picturesque canal city. Bruges was perfect and I will dream about buying a house with a canal view until I am old enough and rich enough to actually do it.

But let's talk about the really good stuff- the food. If you're trying to eat clean and get that beach bod leave now because our entire diet for the weekend consisted of fried, salty, or sugary goodness. First, the frites. As soon as we could, we grabbed an order of the famous fries at a shop just inside the city center. One thing I love about these is the sauce options. On my first round I chose the 'spicy sauce' and it was exceptional. It definitely was spicy and perfect on the crispy frites. I wish I could say I tried something else, but I stuck to the spicy sauce on every subsequent frite order.

I haven't been sappy in a post for awhile - so I'm due. My life changed during this trip. "Why?", you ask. LIEGE WAFFLES. I'm not waffle fan. But these are next level. Some (me) may even say life changing. They're made from dough rather than batter and have these magic things called Belgian Sugar Crystals inside that melt and caramelize into chewy perfect goodness. I'm happy to note we found some perfect waffles by the last day for only 1 Euro. And don't make our mistake, although adding chocolate and fruit and whipped cream and ice cream seems like a good idea, try your first Liege Waffle plain.