We made it. It's been over a week in our new home here in Prague and it's been wonderful. There was a minor mental breakdown during the first grocery run but who can blame us - shopping for the essentials in a foreign language is tough after a night of no sleep. 

The first thing I noticed about this city is the amount of Graffiti. It is LITERALLY everywhere. And this place is big into art. There's plenty of sculptures hiding out across the city, including my personal favorite - the TV tower which has huge sculptures of faceless babies on it. Yes, you read that right. Faceless babies. The mildly creepy tower just so happens to be the view out my bedroom window. And to make it even creepier, below that is a cemetery. My bedroom view is the start of a horror movie. 

Before the trip over here to Europe I had never left the country. And I definitely hadn't been somewhere where I didn't know the language. I thought I would be intimidated by not being able to read street signs or price tags on items at the store or even the words on the Credit Card machine but it actually doesn't bother me. It's a bit freeing actually to not be bogged down by all that info on a daily basis. 

On that note, I'm hoping to learn as much Czech as possible though. Not only for me, but if I'm going to be here for a year I think it's only courteous to my Czech neighbors that I try to be as legitimate of a local as possible. However, I'll admit defeat now for no matter how long I try I will not be able to say neck (krk) or finger (prst).

Also, proudest moment so far in Praha? Yesterday a Czech man asked us for directions. Must look like a local! 

Na Shledanou