Alright, it's no secret Praha is pretty cool. Not right now though because it's really, really hot. But besides being a fun place to live, this place is pretty weird... 

For example, 

There's a local bar that has pet pumas. The pumas hang out at the bar on your typical weekend night and sometimes you can even find them being walked on leashes in the local park.. Go ahead and be confused - 'cause that shit would not fly back home. 

So I've started a list of problems that I've had here in the lovely capital of Cesky Republica and coined them none other than #PragueProblems 

And here's the first list of many #PragueProblems

1. When moms have a special technique to hold their kids in the air so the children can pee in the street. 

2. When the local pumas keep you up at night with their loud growls. 

3. When you have to ask atleast 3 times for your check at a restaurant. 

4. When the customer service is so lacking it's actually comical. 

5. When you get nauseous on the 3 minute escalator ride down to the metro 

6. When you can't find a single item at the store in English but Destiny's Child is playing the background 

7. When you can't find plain black coffee (anywhere) 

8. When it's hard to be productive on Tuesday nights because it's free Sangria pitchers night at the local bar. (YES. FREE PITCHERS.) 

9. When you go shopping just to get a little A/C time. 

10. When you realize you may have been washing your clothes with fabric softener (not detergent) for over 2 weeks.