It's time for another installation of things I love to hate about my new home. Hope you enjoy. I'll let you guess which is my personal favorite this round. (But if you don't pick the last one, something's wrong). 

  • When all you want is some tap water
  • When you buy what you think is a spinach quiche only to find out mid bite that there may be anchovies in it 
  • When you're casually strolling the streets on a Sunday afternoon only to spot children peeing in the middle of the street. 
  • When you can't remember where you saw the Trdelniks with the ice cream in them 
  • When you make the mistake of confusing the metro stops Florenc and Flora. 
  • When you try to beat the metro doors and almost get your backpack stuck in them
  • When the trams are rerouted and in your broken, almost non-existent, Czech the announcement sounds just as much "like free food for everyone" as "this tram is being rerouted". 
  • When you can't bring your own drinks into the park, so you hide them in the bushes out front because dammit those beers were 100 koruna.
  • When the non-mullet to mullet ratio on public transportation is humorously in favor of the latter.