Go time is fast approaching. T-minus 20 days until takeoff. Cue cleaning, shopping, packing and seeing old friends - which means countless conversations with the same questions

"Why Prague?"

"Why TEFL?" 

"Why The Language House?"

The latter questions deserve a few posts of their own considering the amount of research involved, so let's tackle Prague. 

© Jorge Royan / http://www.royan.com.ar, via Wikimedia Commons

© Jorge Royan / http://www.royan.com.ar, via Wikimedia Commons

Let me say that the first time this idea of Teaching English As a Foreign Language (TEFL) was put in front of me, Prague was included. My partner-in-crime, Anna, told me about alumni of her sorority who had completed TEFL courses in the Czech capital. Although this got the beautiful city on my radar, there were other important factors that led me to choose this as my new domů. 

Most importantly, location. The plan is to work in Prague during the week and travel on weekends as much as possible. Prague is fairly centrally located for visiting other countries. Numerous famous cities are just a bus ride away, so short trips should be a piece of cake. 

Also, cost. So beer is cheaper than water there, right? Very important. Only of a bit lesser importance is cost of living. According to nomadlist.com, living the expat life in Prague will set you back less than $800/month. There's this handy little cost of living comparison calculator I found (see below). Compared to St. Louis, living in Prague is about 41% less expensive. That being said, it's not the cheapest city you could move to by any means, but it works for me considering it's rave reviews for public transportation, fun, and beer quality. 

And as if I needed any more reasons to choose Prague - the city is consistently ranked as one of the world's top cities by travel websites like Conde Nast and Fodor's. And it's beauty isn't overlooked.  Posts like this and this kept popping up everywhere. I like beautiful things and that includes architecture. One look at those red roofs and that gorgeous Charles Bridge and I was a goner. 

Ready to research cities on your own? Here are some of my go-to sites with helpful information about life abroad including cost of living, safety indexes, job ideas and listings, and travel tips. 

If you're new to this expat life thing, go with Nomadic Matt. His "get inspired" page is a great starting point for a little boost of inspiration to get you excited about your own adventure.