Cue the homesick feelings after the first holiday abroad. This post has been sitting in my drafts for a few weeks now and I read it this morning as I sulked about missing Thanksgiving with my family. I'm glad I held onto this one - 11 small reminders to myself that despite the hard days this is more than worth it. 

1. When you meet random couples on trains and bond over your common native language of English and are reminded by these people you don't even know that what you're doing is brave and admirable, even if it doesn't always feel like it 

2. When your little cousin is so excited about the postcard you sent him from Scotland that he has to tell his dentist about it. 

3. When you get to pick up your family at the airport and have all the feels  

4. When the proudest moment of your month is when the man working the Trdelnik stand compliments you on your exceptional Czech 

5. When you see pictures of your new city on almost every list of must-see European destinations and realize you get to call that amazing place home 

6. When you realize living anywhere besides the U.S. means an extra month of Christmas since Thanksgiving isn't a thing - *simultaneously hangs lights while carving pumpkins*

7. When you really miss chocolate chip cookies and driving but are so glad to have not paid a sales tax in months 

8. When you get to casually say - let's go to *insert random European city here* this weekend 

9. When you learn that traveling means learning and it makes the world feel so much bigger and so much smaller at the same time

10. When you get to make memories you'll never forget with one of your best friends including but not limited to - falling down mountains and winning countless beer pong championships.

11. When you realize this is the shit people wish they had done with their lives - and you're ACTUALLY doing it 

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